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David: ‘Delighted to offer many options and configurations’.

The Bongoman

The LP Galaxy Giovani Series Bongo’s are a world-class instrument. They sound gorgeous and offer a beautiful tonal range.

Each bongo head has its own independent & professional microphone which picks up the crisp dynamics and awesome ‘hoop crack’ associated with this fantastic instrument.

Attached to the bongo stand is a Paiste Splash cymbal. When played the cymbal helps accentuate build up and those big crescendo drops!

Watch and listen to TheBongoman set-up in action.

Accompanying every setup, I bring my famous ‘Toys’. 

The ’Toys’ are a Woodblock, Cowbell, Tambourine and Brazilian whistle.

The best thing about the toys is that I can either play them on stage next to my bongos or interact with your customers and play them on the dance floor.

The Bongoman Live at European Snow Pride in Tignes, France.


These fantastic instruments offer a deeper tonal range and when played with a Tribal rhythm they get the crowd going. They look great on stage.

Conga’s, Bongo’s & Cymbals

Possibly the ultimate organic set up. These instruments compliment each other, offering a full variety of melodic choice and rhythmic possibilities.

Digital Percussion

I play three different Roland drum machines. Each is unique and extremely adaptable.

Below is the SPD-SX. This is great for triggering bespoke samples which I create in my studio.

This image shows the combination of both organic and digital percussion. This is TheBongoman set-up of traditional Bongos with the Roland SPD-DX drum machine and Sub-Mixer. 

This set up offers an amazing variety of sounds and performance techniques.

It is also the most favoured set up when travelling abroad.

Roland Handsonic HPD-20

I love the Handsonic, it’s brilliant because it offers all the sounds I need in a very small and  portable unit.

When performing, I play this instrument with my hands and sticks.

This video demonstrates the versatility of Handsonic’s powerful library.

The amazing Roland HPD-20. Live demo at ESP.

David-H Percussion

The images below give you a clear visual understanding of a full percussion set up. This includes Bongo’s, Conga’s, Toys & Digital Percussion, all with independent microphones balanced in a Sub-Mixer.

This set-up is amazing and I can rock any venue all night entertaining the crowd with dazzling sounds and different style and sounds.


The output from my Sub-Mixer is either one Mono or two stereo ¼ inch Jack cables which can be connected to the front of house or the line-in / microphone channel of a club mixer.

Set-Up Time & Additional Requirements

15 Minutes for The Bongoman & requires 2m x 2.5m performance area

45 Minutes for David H Percussion requires 4m x 2.5m performance area

05 Minutes for the Handsonic requires 1m x 1.5m performance area

There must be an electrical plug input at the exact place which the equipment is to be situated and an audio output cable.

International Travel

I love performing all over the world. So, everything and anything is possible. 

If required, additional equipment can be hired equipment locally, i.e. Congas and cymbals.

Which means, If I were to bring my Bongo’s + stand, Toys, effects unit and microphone cables, another case with weighing 25kg would be needed to be added in addition to my baggage allowance. 

Case dimensions:

90cm x55cm x36cm

This is the full David H Percussion set-up including bongo’s, conga’s, cymbals, stands, drum machine, microphones, toys and cables.


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