If you have not already heard David play, then you’re in for a lovely surprise. He organically connects the DJ to the dancefloor. He is the missing piece to fuse the electronic beats with ‘Live’ feeling.

Regularly invited to play the big gigs alongside world famous DJ’s, this is his enlightening Biography for you to read and Performance Movies for you to watch.

David is a fabulous LGBTQ ambassador and undoubtedly the most famous LGBTQ+ Percussionist. This Summer you can watch David play at Brighton Pride and perform with ‘One Beat Collective’ at Antwerp Pride.

Whether his performance is located in the UK or International, there are many Percussion Configurations and options available for you to choose.

David’s DJ & Percussion Podcasts are available now to download from the iTunes Store.


European Snow Pride is a fantastic annual festival that David is very proud to be a part of and  is very happy to confirm his attendance in March 2020. 


“David understands what a DJ is doing and he has great natural improvisation skills. David instinctively knows when to play and more importantly, he knows when to stop!”

Mr C

DJ. Producer. Remixer. Superfreq Promoter.

“We love booking David, playing twice a month, he has been our resident percussionist for over five years. In every performance, he brings amazing energy and passion.”

Chris Selby


Heaven Nightclub London.

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