Firstly, A very warm welcome and thank you for visiting this website.

Over the past few years one has produced and released records under David-H & Subsola. I Remix under the name ‘Pure Seduction’ and all my tracks are available in the iTunes Store

One is better known as ‘The Bongoman’ or ‘David H Percussion’. This is because I’ve been fortunate enough to accompany some of the worlds best DJ’s in various clubs and festivals around the world.

Primarily, I am a lover of all music, preferably dance music, notably ‘House’, ‘Tech-House’ & ‘Melodic-Techno’. Styles of ‘Four-On-The-Floor’ are always changing. However, for me, it’s always about the groove and melody.

I am a ‘Controller DJ’. All my ‘Live’ mixes are available to watch in this Movie page. Fortunately, I can simultaneously DJ & play percussion. This concept ‘The Percussion DJ’ is kinda new. There are a handful, however, I don’t know many DJs who play an instrument and mix simultaneously. This skill takes the performance to a much higher level. My Podcasts, Vol 01 & Vol 02 are available in the iTunes Store for you to download and enjoy.

Doing my bit for LGTBQ will see me performing at Antwerp Pride in Belgium and Brighton Pride in the UK. Right nw, I’m in the studio producing new tracks. Please shoot me an Email if you’d like to collaborate on something. 

Lastly, I am very happy to announce that one is performing again at European Snow Pride in March 2020.

If you enjoy reading then my updated Biography will give the complete story. There’s lots of Movies to watch too!

This website is written by myself and I always reply to each Email and Booking Enquiry personally.

Please contact me using the above links, or if you prefer, hit me up on Social Media.

Peace & love,


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